skillsmatch is a platform that matches the skills, experiences and interests of asylum seekers and refugees with a broad range of volunteering opportunities in the Newcastle area.

The project is managed by the West End Refugee Service (WERS).

Many asylum seekers and refugees arrive in the UK with an impressive wealth of skills and experiences. However, the majority are not allowed to undertake paid work. skillsmatch aims to open up this significant untapped resource and connect these individuals with local organisations who need volunteers with specific skills and interests, to help deliver their services/support their project.

Clients have repeatedly told WERS that volunteering has a most beneficial effect on their mental health, well-being and English language skills.  Many wish to give back to and connect with the local community, and skillsmatch is way of helping make this happen.

skillsmatch is a Creative Fuse Innovation Pilot, and is a partnership between West End Refugee Service (WERS), local creative agency Roots and Wings and Newcastle University Business School and Teesside University School of Social Sciences.  This website is being developed in close consultation with a group of WERS’ clients and a range of local organisations.   

Access to volunteer profiles and volunteering opportunities is via a personal log in. If you would like to find out more or participate in the project, either as an organisation or a volunteer, please contact WERS


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